Operating Model By Chief Operating Magician

So, you’re looking for help with company operations
and have no idea who I am…

Olga Klochkova

Hi, I’m Olga, Ukrainian entrepreneur and former c-level executive. I help business owners to see how to make it better, faster, stronger and with fun.

Chief Operating Magic is all about knowing exactly how to do it.

There are plenty of consulting companies, private consultants and YouTube experts out there. I bet you’re thinking, “Why should I listen to this lady who uses the word magic in a serious context?”

But what is magic? “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”, as are good things that seem to happen on their own.

20 years in technology, delivering high quality software products to the world, half of that time leading various teams and businesses, bringing them to profitability and beyond.

Prior to Chief Operating Magic I spent a decade decomposing and assembling various operating models and upgrading them into stable and efficient systems. I found myself leading change and strategy from the inside, as well as running my own business.

In 2022, I left the c-level position at the company I worked for to start advising high-end private clients in the tech world.

Being an engineer in the past and leading engineers for so long, I have heard and seen it all a million times. And you don’t have to spend that much time to access this knowledge and experience.

What’s my specialty now?

I help tech teams and businesses create
an operating model they love so that they know
how to organize everything and make their plans happen.

I help tech teams and businesses find the optimal operating model and customize it to suit their needs. This is how chief operating magic begins to happen.

The operating model is similar to a smartphone’s operating system – if it has performance issues, your battery drains quickly and the overall experience sucks. But if everything goes smoothly, your phone gives the expected result or even more and you enjoy the process.

Your operating model is crucial. It is about how things in your team are going.

These are 7 areas of your operating model: culture and leadership, management, structure, business processes, talents, technology and data.

“In addition to her high level of expertise in change management and process optimisation, Olga brings a very positive, friendly, empathetic and clear style of leadership which effectively motivates those around her.” – Michael, Director, Account Management

What is the driving force behind your strategy and technology?

People. The wrong operating model blocks their full potential.

The organizational structure, systems and processes determine how and where the work gets done.

When all components work in harmony, you achieve the best results because your people have the clarity to accelerate your strategy. This happens when the operating model is tailored to specific needs. And this leads to significant gains in revenue growth and gives an unbeatable competitive edge among peers.

You and I work closely together to develop an operating model that you and your team love. We will create an operating model tailored to your exact needs and unlock the full potential of your team and business.

My work philosophy

Great strategy is simple.

Moreover, in every unique situation there is always a simple solution. Not easy, but simple. I focus on finding these solutions and then show my clients the shortest and easiest way to do it.

You can get immediate results without waiting.

In addition to a long-term strategy, I show my clients what they can do right now as a short-term move to see immediate results.

You don’t always need to hire more people to get better results.

Sometimes you just need to let people do what they do best. This means that you can effectively match a specific set of skills to specific business needs. With one of my clients, I was able to achieve 10x results before hiring someone new.

You can have systems that help people and business, not vice versa.

If you don’t know why you are doing something, maybe you don’t need to do it. I fixed a lot of cases where unnecessary processes took everyone’s time and made things difficult.

You can have processes that people like.

The process is as important as the result. If you don’t enjoy the process, why do it? I take fun seriously. Infinite game. It’s not easy, but it’s possible. When done right, people enjoy doing what they do and naturally get better results.

Here’s what I mean… Sometimes you just need a pinch of advice from someone who has already done it and it worked. Real conscious experience for real money is worth more than an MBA. Who cares what it’s called in PMBOK? I have tested approaches using real-life real-money real-people models, and I care about three things: results, processes, and people. Guys and girls who are tired of theory and just want to know how to actually set up operations right without spending years on it, Chief Operating Magic should be just right for you.

“Okay, Olga, I’m ready.
I want my operations right!”

Awesome. Here’s what you can do next. Meet me and my extraordinary team, known as The Cosmic Mammoth, at this designated page: Cosmic Mammoth. Then trust your instincts and let them guide you forward.

What people say about operating magic

“Olga’s ability to work as a leader and people manager is outstanding! She is always supportive and knows what exactly business needs are and how to address them. Olga initiated tons of reasonable changes within the organization that surely made a difference business- and people-wise. She demonstrated high level of accountability, risk and change management skills.”

—R.K. Director, People Department

“I’ve been extremely impressed with her managerial skills, along with her enthusiasm, positive energy, and her “can do” attitude. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Olga. She is incredibly hard working and invested time into motivating the teams to achieve their targets and to get the best outcome possible. She taught me how to solve problems in a more effective and efficient way and helped me address complex issues strategically and confidently.”

—B.H., Director, Sales Department

“Olga is an excellent agent of change, always able to explain the ideas and I think most importantly being able to listen and adapt ideas based on the feedback. Always calm, friendly, tough, and strong as a leader at the right time.”

—A.R., Director at DevOps & Infrastructure

“Olga’s great strength is to keep a clear focus and have a big picture in mind despite the ambiguity. She empowered and mentored leaders of each value stream (engineering, R&D, product, HR, infrastructure) to execute their vision – a very rewarding level of autonomy. She is tough on issues and recognizes people as the main capital, so there were plenty of opportunities for development and interesting stretchy career moves. What’s more important, she projected the mindset to risk, fail and learn and don’t have a fear of retribution.”

—V.L., COO

“Olga is the most talented manager I’ve ever worked with. She is the person who cares about the team and builds the one which overachieves all business expectations.”

—O.M., CTO