Build on your strengths rather than focus on your weaknesses

Self development and motivation: build on your strengths rather than focus on your weaknesses

Often when we want to develop ourselves we pinpoint our weaknesses as opportunities for improvement. And that is ok when we want to get rid of some behavior that makes us unhappy or hinder our progress. 

But look at this from another perspective. If you want to achieve something, progress, then the way of improving your weaknesses will take your focus and rather bring you to zero, if you count weaknesses as minuses. Say, -1 becomes 0. 

From the other hand if you build on your strengths you will evolve from plus to multiple pluses, i.e. you will more likely excel at a chosen niche that you are good at and will become even stronger with a stronger competitive advantage. Say, 1 becomes 2 or 3. It is naturally easier to further develop your strengths because you are like a fish in water in this field already. And you more likely do not have a cognitive difficulty to start working on that and dedicate time and effort. 

Do you know your strengths? 

That is another very interesting aspect. Smart people quite often underestimate what they are good at and not always ready to list those strengths of theirs. 

If you hesitate too there’s a simple solution, in fact, super simple – ask your friends or colleagues, people who have known you for some time. Ask them what are a couple of things they would like to go to you for advice because they think that you are good at it. To make it even easier just tell them why you ask, to learn your powers and work on them to become a stronger version of yourself. It won’t take much time and in the end you will have a list of good things people tend to go to you for. 

Play with it to identify your strengths and make it a new start for an even better yourself. And don’t forget to enjoy the process along the way.