“Five seconds rule” or how you make your mind to start a task you usually skip

When some part of you does not want to do something it will find a reason to justify inaction. For example your conscious hard-working part wants to read a scientific book and your procrastinating part wants to scroll more Instagram stories. And whether you read a book or watch stories depends on which your part wins at a given moment: procrastinating or hard-working. 

Based on that you may hack the situation and strengthen the part you want to win more often.

To watch Instagram you need to just open it on your phone that is usually with you most of the time. Super simple. To read a book at least you need to take it first if it’s a paper book, then find a place where you can read comfortably. A little bit harder. But if you know that you prefer reading on that sofa where you also spend some time in the morning sipping coffee, what if you just put a book there and maybe even open it on the right page? That will dramatically increase chances you’ll read it because it simply will be there “looking” at you. 

In my daily life I call it “the 5 seconds rule to make it happen”.

As you see the idea is to make everything around your desired activity so simple that you can start doing it within 5 seconds. No preparations. 5 seconds to be able to start. 

Want to learn how to play the guitar? Put it where you will see it often in a ready state. Want to learn how to draw? Put paper, pencil or brush, whatever required on your table ready to use within 5 seconds etc.

This magically works for almost everything. The last thing I fixed this way was a wireless vacuum cleaner on the kitchen placed near the table. No crumbs on the floor since then because it takes me 2 seconds to take the vacuum cleaner, 5 seconds to use it and 2 seconds to put it back. 

Try it and please feel free to share your experience when it works for you.