Closed Doors Week — How Introverts Recharge and Where They Get Energy From, By Personal Example

Closed doors week

It took me years to accept the introverted nature of myself. And my partner, as a true introvert, played a lot in this process. Therefore, being true introverts, we often see confusion on the faces of our friends when they hear about our “exciting holiday” during which the two of us played A Way Out on Sony PlayStation.  

A common time for such confusion is, for example, my birthday or vacation. ‘Cause it’s just the time of “Where are you going?” and “How many people?” questions. 

In the past, when I heard these questions, they shaped my idea of ​​what my birthday should look like. I tried to live up to expectations. It was fun and exhausting at the same time. After such a birthday or vacation, I always needed more rest. So I eventually began to distinguish between these activities – those that energize me and those that consume my energy – and balance them in my schedule. 

Closed Doors Week

This is how Closed Doors Week, or Days in some cases, came about. When it’s my birthday or vacation, something that is “meant” for me and not for others, I choose activities that help me gain energy and relax. They often seem extremely boring, except for me. 

These days, I try to always have this block of closed days on my vacation, just like during my birthday celebration or when I need to take a break from social life. After such recharging and relaxation, when the “open doors time” begins, I have a sincere desire and energy for a quality social life. 

“Boring” activities

What do I do during a day of closed doors? I read, write, draw, cook, walk, play, think, sleep, etc. — what I want at the moment. Introverts recharge when they have time to themselves. So this is time for myself, and I try to use it to the fullest. On a typical day or week of closed doors, I would talk to very few and close people.  

What works for you

It’s good to know what works for you, but sometimes it’s hard to accept it if your environment expects something different from you. Be open with what YOU need. Because it’s the first step to transforming your life so that you do more of what you like and are happy with, rather than what you think others want from you.

“It never ceases to amaze me: we all love ourselves more than other people, but care more about their opinion than our own.” – Marcus Aurelius